What is SuperNemos?

SuperNemos is a biological control product containing microscopic beneficial nematodes (found in healthy soil) which are specially formulated to aggressively pursue several or different groups of insect pests.

Pest species that are targeted by SuperNemos

SuperNemos targets pest species that have part of their life cycle in the soil or compost, including:

  • Vine weevils
  • Scarid fly
  • Strawberry root weevil
  • Chafer grubs
  • Leatherjackets
  • Wire worms
  • Cutworms
  • Cabbage worm
  • Fungus gnat larvae

The product is also effective against larvae of beetles which feed on cucumber, tomato and potato plants.

When applied to the soil or compost, SuperNemos will attack a wide range of insect pest species. Nematodes enter the host through body openings or by penetration of the body wall. Once inside they kill the host pest within 48 hours.

How does SuperNemos work?

  • SuperNemos nematodes are applied to the soil and live in the soil where they locate their hosts. The nematode infective stage enters the insect and begins to feed on its blood and internal organs. Soon after it begins to feed, it releases unique bacteria that it carries internally. The bacteria infect the insect, reproduce quickly, and kill the insect within 30 to 48 hours.
  • The nematode thrives upon this food which becomes a decaying insect being broken down by the unique bacteria.
  • The nematode forms an adult stage and begins to produce thousands of eggs. These eggs mature and about 2-3 generations of nematodes are produced in the decaying insect. Reproduction continues until the nematodes sense that the decaying insect will not support further reproduction by the nematode.
  • At that time, all of the nematode offspring mature only to the infective juvenile stage and begin to emerge from the host insect to look for more viable live insects to infect. The infective juvenile, IJ3, is the third nymphal stage of the nematode which has a double thick skin and which is best equipped to survive in nature until it can find a new host.#

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