How to apply SuperNemos

See below for both video and text instructions on how to apply SuperNemos.

Video instructions

Text instructions

Below you'll find information about how to store, handle and apply SuperNemos. For more detailed information about application, you can also download the product factsheet here (PDF, 104 KB).

Storage and handling

  • In general, store the SuperNemos product in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight (ideally in a refrigerator 2-5ºC).
  • Do not allow Supernemos to freeze or be exposed to extreme temperature.

Application instructions (using watering can)

You will require: 1 x 8/10 litre bucket, 1 x measuring jug and 1 x 8 litre watering can, fitted with a course rose for application to turf. Ensure that you have read the important notes section below before applying SuperNemos.

1 Add 2 litres of water to bucket, add SuperNemos and rinse all residue from pack into the bucket. Top up with water to 8 litres.

2 Stir well and let stand for 30 minutes - this is your stock solution.

3 Using the measuring jug, transfer litres of the solution to your watering can and top up to 8 litres.

4 Apply this solution to 8-10m2 (40-50 pot plants or 15 gro bags)

5 Repeat step 3, stirring each time prior to transfering stock solution to your watering can, until the stock solution has gone.

Important notes: 

  • For best results avoid application in direct sunlight
  • Nematodes require moisture in the soil for movement - if conditions are dry, water the soil or compost 1 day prior to the application of SuperNemos and water again following
  • Regular watering helps the juvinile nematodes to move deeper into the soil; water pots and containers as normal but avoid overwatering.
  • Local conditions may affect timing of application set out in the pest guide - soil and compost temperatures must be over 10°C.
  • Do not apply when heavy rainfall is forecast, as nematodes may be washed away from the base of the plant.
  • Nematodes should be applied directly to the soil or compost at the base of the plant or in the case of turf evenly over the area.