Why SuperNemos?

TickTargets a broad range of pests

TickHarmless to wildlife

TickChild and pet safe

TickDoes not require specialist application equipment

TickDoes not require any safety equipment

TickCan be used on ornamental and edible crops

TickCan be used both indoor and outside

  The Horticultural Channel - Garden Product of the Year 2013

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Biological pest control, delivered to your door

What is SuperNemos?

"100% successful. In all my years as a fruit producer, I have never seen anything like this before." - Watty Furlong, New Ross, Co. Wexford

Irish Times Innovation Awards shortlisted companySuperNemos is a biological control product containing microscopic beneficial nematodes (found in healthy soil) which are specially formulated to aggressively pursue several or different groups of insect pests. Organic Trust Certified productSuperNemos are capable of controlling several target pest species that have part of their life cycle in the soil or compost >> Read more about Supernemos.

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To find out why SuperNemos is such an effective product, you can watch our video below, which features feedback from growers who have bought it.